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Adam conceived the idea of an in-person on-camera acting class with scenes filmed on professional cinema cameras with proper audio and lighting in 2020. However, this vision had to be delayed due to the pandemic. As NYC pandemic restrictions eased, Adam collaborated with actor Lucas Van Engen, who already had an online acting class. Together, they co-founded The Brownstone Class, utilizing Adam's studio space and filming expertise. The first in-person class took place on June 2, 2021. During the summer of 2022, Lucas started his own class, leaving Adam to continue as Executive Director alongside his wife, Lorna. Their aim was to surpass the standards of a typical on-camera class setting.

How does 'on camera class' work?

Each week we assign a new short scene for you to prepare. Much like working on set where you may only have a few days to prepare. The class scripts are always original material and open to any gender (or age). 

Come class day, we briefly discuss the script and assign scene partners. Then, we start shooting. We film each take as if we're on set. We roll sound, camera, and we call action. The scene will be recorded and we will cut. Direction is given in between takes and you may be asked to improvise. We can’t stress enough how important it is to be flexible on set. 

At the end of the week, your class footage will be processed, uploaded to a private gallery, and sent out to you within a few days.

See you in class! VISIT US AT WWW.TheBrownstoneClass.COM